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For Release:
October 24, 2001

New Jersey Needs Leadership
Schundler promises he will cut taxes to keep New Jersey’s economy strong
Campaign releases new 30-second TV ad that features direct appeal from the candidate

(WEST ORANGE, OCTOBER 24) - Schundler for Governor campaign manager Bill Pascoe issued the following statement regarding the release of the campaign’s final television advertisement - a 30-second ad that will begin running today in New York, Philadelphia, and cable television markets throughout New Jersey:

“New Jersey is facing uncertain times. Bio-terrorism is threatening our mail system and our economy is hurting. Now, more than ever, New Jersey needs a strong Governor -- not a career politician -- to keep our State safe and prosperous.

“We have entitled our last television ad ‘Governor,’ because that is exactly what Bret Schundler will be -- a strong Governor who can lead this State through uncertain times. As Mayor of Jersey City, Bret Schundler took over a city ravaged by crime, high taxes, economic despair, and political corruption, and turned it around into an urban success story -- so great a success that Time magazine labeled his reforms a ‘national model.’ He lowered taxes, cut crime to a 20-year low, cleaned out the corruption that soiled City Hall, attracted business investment into his city, and created tens of thousands of new jobs.

“Unlike Jim McGreevey’s onslaught of negative and deceptive advertising, Bret Schundler speaks directly to the people of New Jersey about his plans to cut taxes to keep our economy strong, to cut property taxes for seniors so that they can afford to stay in New Jersey, and to reform our urban schools so that the State can afford to give property tax relief to middle-class school districts.

“In these uncertain times, New Jersey voters want a strong Governor who will offer proven solutions to the real problems we face. Bret Schundler has shown leadership throughout this campaign by offering just such proven solutions to New Jersey’s real problems. Meanwhile, Jim McGreevey has offered nothing but empty rhetoric and negative attacks, and even the newspapers have begun to write about it.

“In the final two weeks of this campaign, New Jersey voters will see this clear contrast of messages. Bret Schundler is a leader who appeals to our highest and best, not our lowest and least. Bret is offering New Jersey hope, while Jim McGreevey is peddling fear. Hope is a quality synonymous with leadership, while fear is the tired elixir of career politicians. In these uncertain times, we are confident that New Jersey voters will see the difference and choose a leader as their next Governor -- not a fear-mongering politician.”

A transcript of the advertisement, entitled “Governor,” follows. You can click here to view the ad online. “Governor” Television Advertisement Transcript
Television Advertisement:

Schundler for Governor
"Governor" TV
TRT :30

Bret to Camera "In this time of crisis, we need to cut taxes to create jobs - Jim McGreevey promises more spending, and tax increases that will cost people jobs.

I will cut taxes -- and even lower Senior’s school taxes by half .

I’ll tear down parkway tolls, and provide 600 million dollars for ALL public schools -- not just urban schools as McGreevey proposes.

And I will not change gun laws.

Jim McGreevey’s negative campaign says we can’t cut taxes and keep our economy strong -- but -- with your support -- we will.

Graphic: White on black "Bret Schundler A Proven leader - Paid for by Schundler for Governor"


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Political corruption is a tradition here.
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