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For Release:
November 4, 2001

Mrs. Schundler Calls Brady Ad “Regrettable”
(WEST ORANGE, NOVEMBER 4) - Lynn Schundler, wife of Republican gubernatorial nominee Bret Schundler, today issued the following statement:

“Today I sent a letter to Mrs. Sarah Brady, expressing my disappointment that she would allow herself to be used by Jim McGreevey and his allies in his campaign of exaggerations, distortions, and outright lies regarding my husband’s position on guns. It is a sad day when a woman of Sarah Brady’s stature joins a campaign of calumny, lending her name and reputation and the credibility that goes with them to spreading such falsehoods.

“Let’s get this straight once and for all - Bret will NOT change New Jersey’s gun laws, period. Regarding the right to carry concealed weapons, Bret supports EXACTLY the same judicial exemptions that are in the current law - judicial exemptions that Jim McGreevey voted for as a state legislator. In fact, Jim McGreevey’s own press spokesman confirmed as recently as last week that he still supports these exemptions. And anyone who says anything different at this point, after Bret has repeatedly made his position perfectly clear, is deliberately lying.”

A copy of the letter follows:

Varick Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302

November 4, 2001

Sarah Brady
c/o Ceasefire New Jersey
1995 East Marlton Pike
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

Dear Mrs. Brady:

You and your husband have served this country honorably during your many years of public life. Both in official government roles as well as champions of worthy causes, you have made a positive difference in the lives of fellow Americans.

My husband, Bret Schundler, the former Mayor of Jersey City, New Jersey, and I have tried to do the same. In fact one of the greatest challenges facing Bret as Mayor of New Jersey’s second largest city was reducing violent crime and making the streets safe for its citizens. This Bret did very successfully by increasing police presence on Jersey City’s streets and strongly enforcing New Jersey’s strict gun laws, which he fully supports.

In fact, Jersey City under my husband’s leadership was the first city to partner with the federal government in Project Exile -- a program I’m sure you support, given that it harshly punishes criminals with guns even if they did not use them in the commission of any crime. The result? Bret got guns off our streets and violent crime has been reduced by a dramatic 40 percent - the highest percentage reduction in the state.

So I was confused -- in fact blindsided -- when I heard the ad you are running for my husband’s opponent in New Jersey’s Governor’s race, where you falsely accuse Bret of supporting a repeal of New Jersey’s assault weapons ban and the passage of a pending concealed weapons law. The statements are patently false.
Not only does my husband NOT support a repeal of the assault weapons ban, he actually wrote a letter to Governor Florio commending him for signing the law in the first place. Nor does my husband support any modification to the state’s current law on concealed weapons, which already allows judicial exemptions -- judicial exemptions Jim McGreevey voted for, and which his press spokesman says he STILL supports, according to an article in last week’s Newark Star-Ledger.

Given you and your husband’s stature in this country -- and the responsibility that accompanies that stature -- I simply assumed that you would, at a minimum, verify the accuracy of charges that you personally make.

This ad, when inaccurate as this one absolutely is, does not serve the political discourse and the families of New Jersey, but simply serves to unnecessarily scare our families and personally hurt those of us who are targeted with the lies it contains. While I know you would never intentionally seek to hurt my husband, myself, or my children, this ad has hurt us personally and deeply, and it is regrettable to me that you would allow yourself to be used by Jim McGreevey in this way.


Lynn Schundler


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