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For Release:
October 30, 2001

President Bush Makes Direct Appeal To New Jersey Voters
Schundler campaign to distribute President’s endorsement letter to 600,000 NJ Households

(WEST ORANGE, OCTOBER 30) - Schundler for Governor campaign manager Bill Pascoe released the following statement regarding President George Bush’s strong support for Mayor Bret Schundler:

“Today, we are proud to release a letter of endorsement from President Bush expressing his strong support for Bret Schundler and his candidacy for Governor. We will mail this letter to over 600,000 Republican, Democrat and Independent households throughout New Jersey over the next three days.

“Bret is honored that President Bush has faith and confidence in him to lead New Jersey in these uncertain economic times. In fact, Bret is humbled that President Bush would refer to him in this endorsement letter as ‘a leader and Governor that all of New Jersey can be proud of, and…a valued partner to my administration.’

“While Jim McGreevey has spent the last four years pandering to every special interest group in this State in order to get their endorsements -- pandering which will force every hard-working family in New Jersey to pay higher taxes -- Bret Schundler has demonstrated the leadership skills necessary to earn the confidence of the two most proven and trusted leaders in America -- President George Bush and New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

“President Bush and Mayor Giuliani support Bret Schundler’s candidacy because they know that New Jersey needs a leader in these uncertain times who can keep our families safe; a leader who will cut taxes to strengthen our economy; and a leader who will reform our public schools so that ALL children - both urban and suburban - will receive a great education.

“Bret Schundler has a proven track record of success. As the mayor of Jersey City, he cut property taxes, lowered violent crime by 38 percent, and helped create tens of thousands of new jobs for city residents. He helped bring together a bi-partisan and multi-racial coalition together to solve Jersey City’s problems -- transforming New Jersey’s second-largest city from an economic basket case to New Jersey’s urban success story.

“Meanwhile, Jim McGreevey raised property taxes 59 percent in Woodbridge, failed to stand up to the Party Bosses and instead cast the deciding vote in favor of Governor Florio’s $2.8 billion tax increase -- a tax increase that cost New Jersey families 170,000 jobs -- and allowed violent crime to rise 13 percent in his city.

“In these uncertain economic times, where even the safety of our mail is being called into question, New Jersey needs a strong leader who will keep our families safe and cut taxes to keep our economy strong. Take it from President Bush and Mayor Giuliani -- Bret Schundler is that leader.”

A transcript of President Bush’s endorsement letter follows:

Transcript of President Bush’s endorsement letter:

Dear fellow American:

I am writing friends and supporters in New Jersey to encourage you to vote for Bret Schundler for Governor on November 6.

Bret is running for Governor to lower taxes, improve education, and ensure that the American dream is available to every willing citizen.

Bret has laid out a positive agenda to cut property taxes, improve New Jersey schools, and revive the economy in the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area.

I know Bret Schundler can do all these things because of his outstanding work as Mayor of Jersey City. He attracted thousands of new jobs to the city, expanded educational opportunities for the city’s poorest children, and cut property taxes. Under Bret Schundler’s leadership, violent crime dropped 38 percent.

Is it any wonder then that Bret Schundler was the first Republican elected and re-elected mayor of this heavily Democratic and 65 percent minority city in over 70 years?

I urge you to cast your vote for Bret Schundler for Governor of New Jersey on Tuesday November 6. Bret will be a leader and Governor that all of New Jersey can be proud of, and he will be a valued partner to my administration.

President George W. Bush


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