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Governor James McGreevey
Hudson County Politics
Hudson County Facts

For Release:
October 14, 2001

Looking for a Fraud? Meet Your New Best Friend -- Jim McGreevey
Newspaper revelations raise new questions about McGreevey

(WEST ORANGE, OCTOBER 14) - Schundler for Governor campaign manager Bill Pascoe today issued the following statement:

“Question: What has many sides but no center? Answer: Jim McGreevey -- a man who will say anything, do anything, and even WEAR anything to get elected. As the polls continue to show the gap narrowing, Jim McGreevey is getting increasingly desperate, and it’s beginning to show.

“Two stories in this morning’s Newark Star-Ledger -- one serious, one rather amusing -- make the point. The serious story reveals in detail that McGreevey is running a 100 percent negative campaign against Bret Schundler, thinking that’s enough to get elected without offering ANY specific positive proposals of his own for New Jersey’s future. Meanwhile, the amusing story focuses on the fact that during last Wednesday night’s ELEC debate, McGreevey was so worried about his appearance (and, more specifically, the fact that he is five inches shorter than Bret Schundler) that he was actually wearing platform shoes with a high heel.

“This follows by two weeks another seemingly whimsical story in the Star-Ledger raising questions about whether or not Jim McGreevey is graying his hair to make himself look older, and, presumably, more mature.

“In addition, recent news accounts have revealed that Jim McGreevey for more than a decade has misled voters about what schools he went to (he somehow forgot to mention that he spent a significant portion of his college years NOT at Columbia University, but rather at Catholic University in Washington, D.C.).

“Moreover, recent news account reveal that, contrary to what he’s told voters for years, he was at one time pro-life on the issue of abortion, and only flip-flopped on the issue once he ran for office and he decided it was politically expedient to do so. Further, he stated categorically in the debate Wednesday evening that he would sign a law banning ‘post-viability’ abortions -- even though he twice voted AGAINST a prohibition on abortions performed as babies are actually being DELIVERED.

“So there you have it -- Jim McGreevey won’t tell the truth about the evolution of his position on abortion, or what he really thinks now. He won’t tell the truth about what schools he went to. He’ll change the color of his hair to try to look older, and he’ll even wear platform shoes to make you think he’s taller than he is. And he won’t tell you what he’s FOR, he’ll just tell you what he’s AGAINST -- Bret Schundler.

“Why would New Jersey ever want to elect a guy like that? Let’s face it: if you’re looking for a fraud, meet your new best friend -- Jim McGreevey.”


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Hudson County Facts Winter 2006 by Anthony Olszewski
Hudson County, New Jersey is a place of many firsts - including genocide and slavery.
Political corruption is a tradition here.
First in a series by Anthony Olszewski – Click HERE to find out more.

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