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For Release:
October 28, 2001

Schundler Camp Responds to New York Times Endorsement
Schundler manager translates endorsement into English

(WEST ORANGE, OCTOBER 28) - Schundler for Governor campaign manager Bill Pascoe, responding to this morning’s New York Times endorsement of Jim McGreevey, today issued this statement: “Jim McGreevey is no doubt pleased with the endorsement he received today from the New York Times. We thought it would be helpful for New Jersey voters to understand just what it is he’s pleased with -- so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to offer a translation from the original into English:

“When the Times says ‘Both candidates …have reason to be proud of what they achieved after inheriting troubled municipalities from their predecessors,’ what they really mean is ‘Bret Schundler pulled off a miracle by cutting taxes, getting guns off the streets and cutting crime, and turning Jersey City into the state’s job-growth engine; if he weren’t a Republican, he’d get our endorsement easily. Jim McGreevey, on the other hand, only let violent crime increase by 13 percent even as he raised property taxes by 59 percent after doubling Woodbridge’s debt load, so he’s okay by us.’

“When the Times says ‘Mr. Schundler has pledged what most savvy voters know he can hardly deliver -- a state budget that is balanced without cuts in spending or increases in taxes,’ what they really mean is ‘Even though Bret’s been far more detailed than any candidate we’ve ever seen in laying out exactly how he gets there, and even though he’s got a track record that proves he knows how to reform programs so he can deliver better services at lower cost and pass the savings back in the form of tax cuts, we still refuse to believe it.’

“When the Times says ‘Mr. McGreevey … takes a somewhat more realistic approach to the state budget … [He] refuses to take a vow against raising taxes, but has recently said he has no plans to do so … His plans for working all that out are for the most part vague,’ what they really mean is ‘Our editorial board has no clue as to how to make government work better for less, we’re glad he’s skated through the campaign as long as he has without putting forth any substantive policy proposals of his own -- just as he did when he ran four years ago and we whacked him in our endorsement for ‘fail[ing] to offer a coherent explanation of how he would meet his promises’ -- and we’re going to give him cover on what will surely be his first move in office: a recreation of the massive Florio tax hikes of a decade ago.’

“When the Times says ‘Mr. McGreevey has close connections to some of the state’s powerful Democrats, such as State Senators Raymond Lesniak and John Lynch, and to the trial lawyers in the state,’ what they really mean is ‘Jim McGreevey has been the Lynch-Lesniak Machine’s puppet for years, and he’s going to do everything he can to keep the trial lawyers happy.’


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