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For Release:
October 30, 2001

“America’s Mayor” Says Schundler Is Right Choice For New Jersey
GOP nominee’s new 30-second TV spot features endorsement by Mayor Rudy Giuliani;
Big Apple’s leader says: “Now more than ever…you need my friend Bret Schundler.”

(WEST ORANGE, OCTOBER 30) - Finalizing the Schundler campaign’s television and radio advertising, Schundler for Governor campaign manager Bill Pascoe issued the following statement concerning the release of a new 30-second TV ad featuring New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani:

“Unlike Jim McGreevey, Bret Schundler has no special interest endorsements -- but the endorsements he DOES have pack a powerful punch.

“Currently, the two most powerful and popular chief executives in the country are President George W. Bush and New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. And it just so happens that BOTH of them have endorsed Bret Schundler.

“Keeping up with the long list of special interests who have endorsed Jim McGreevey is a difficult task. But we believe endorsements by President Bush and Mayor Giuliani will outweigh McGreevey’s special interest endorsements, for those who keep track.

“During the course of the last eight years, Mayor Giuliani and Bret have become good friends. That bond shows up in this TV ad. Much like Bret Schundler, Rudy Giuliani is one of those rare political leaders that says what he means and means what he says. So when Rudy says in our TV ad that, ‘Bret is a proven leader who will protect jobs and keep families safe,’ voters know they can take that to the bank. When Rudy says, ‘In this time of crisis New Jersey just can’t afford to raise taxes,’ voters know they can’t afford to elect Jim McGreevey their next Governor. And when Rudy says, ‘Bret’s cut property taxes, got guns OFF the streets and dramatically reduced violent crime,’ New Jersey voters will immediately realize that the ugly attack ads Jim McGreevey has been running for the past two months are just not true.

“Over the past eight weeks, Mayor Rudy Giuliani has led the Big Apple proudly in the face of unimaginable adversity and tragedy. Given this harrowing experience, Rudy knows first-hand the kind of leadership that New Jersey needs to protect itself from terrorism, to keep our families safe, to protect people’s jobs and to restore the public’s confidence in our economy. That’s why Bret Schundler is honored and humbled that Rudy Giuliani, ‘America’s Mayor,’ would offer him such a warm and heartfelt endorsement.”

Now the 30-second ad, entitled “America’s Mayor,” will begin airing this evening in New York, Philadelphia, and New Jersey media markets. The 60-second radio ad will run on New York and Philadelphia radio stations starting tomorrow. Transcripts of both ads are attached below.

America's Mayor TV
TRT :30


Mayor Giuliani: In this crisis New Jersey just can't afford to raise taxes.....

Now more than ever, you need a proven leader who will protect jobs, and keep families safe -- you need my friend Bret Schundler.

Bret's cut property taxes, gotten guns OFF the streets and dramatically reduced violent crime.

And I'll tell you this -- Bret will not change current gun laws -- he's never wanted to. He is a strong, courageous leader -- I've seen it.

Please vote for Bret.

Bret Schundler: Thanks Mayor.

ANNCR: Bret Schundler the proven leader we need as Governor.

Schundler for Governor "America's Mayor"

Mayor Giuliani: In this crisis New Jersey just can not afford to raise taxes and spending -- It'll cost jobs and threaten the economy.

Anncr: America's Mayor, Rudy Giuliani

Mayor Giuliani: Now more than ever, New Jersey needs a Strong Leader -- a proven tax cutter who will protect jobs and keep families safe -- You need Bret Schundler.

In Jersey City, Bret cut property taxes by finding innovative ways to do more with less.

Bret got guns OFF the streets and dramatically reduced violent crimes.

And I'll tell you this -- Bret will NOT change current gun laws -- he's never wanted to.

Bret has common sense, he has courage, he has vision, he is a good friend who I know CAN and WILL cut taxes and keep families safe -- because he's done it before.

I'm Rudy Giuliani and I'm asking you to vote for Bret Schundler.

Anncr: Endorsed by President Bush, Governor Patacki, Governor Ridge, Mayor Giuliani

Bret Schundler is the Strong Proven leader who will cut taxes and keep our families safe.


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Hudson County, New Jersey is a place of many firsts - including genocide and slavery.
Political corruption is a tradition here.
First in a series by Anthony Olszewski – Click HERE to find out more.

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