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For Release:
October 22, 2001

Dems To Schundler: We’re Joining the Party
GOP Candidate Gets Endorsements From Key NJ Democrats

(WEST ORANGE, OCTOBER 22) - Schundler for Governor Campaign Manager Bill Pascoe today issued the following statement regarding Bret Schundler receiving the endorsement of local Democrats who have decided to call themselves “Schundler Democrats:”

“A vote for Bret Schundler is a vote for lower taxes and tens of thousands of Democrats who live in Jersey City know it. Today a number of them announced the formation of ‘Schundler Democrats.’ In fact Democrats all over the state who are concerned about keeping the economy strong - and know that the best way to do that is to cut taxes -- are joining the Schundler army in droves.

“In 1992 Bret Schundler became the first Republican elected Mayor of Jersey City since World War I. He was able to do this in a city that is 11-to-1 Democrat because he reached out to voters across party lines and talked about solutions to the problems that all residents -- regardless of their political affiliation - want their government to address.

“He was re-elected twice by landslide margins with overwhelming Democratic support because he delivered on his promises. Under his leadership Jersey City experienced a true renaissance as Bret cut property taxes, slashed violent crime, and created tens of thousands of new jobs in the city.

“The ‘Schundler Democrats’ are endorsing Bret not because he is a Republican, but because he is committed to cutting taxes, reforming education, and revitalizing our cities. They know that Jim McGreevey will do what is best for himself and the political bosses and special interests in Trenton- not what’s best for the taxpayers.

“This group of Democrats includes people representing a variety of interests from communities throughout New Jersey. Let’s just take a quick glance at the roster of Democrats who endorsed Bret Schundler at today’s event: a member of the Elizabeth School Board, the Chairman of the Teaneck Municipal Democratic Organization, the Chairman of the Warren Municipal Democratic Organization, the President of Green Brook’s School Board and the Executive Director of Jersey City’s Office on Aging.

“Bret Schundler has consistently demonstrated his ability to cross political boundaries and gain the confidence and respect of people who traditionally vote Democratic. This election will be no different.

“The Schundler Democrats are joining an already solid team that knows what’s important to New Jersey voters -- good-paying jobs, lower taxes, and strong leadership. They don’t want a career politician like Jim McGreevey who thinks the answer to New Jersey’s problems is taking more of our hard-earned money for 62 new government programs. They don’t want a candidate who - when asked if he will raise taxes - gives vague answers like ‘government should live within its means.’ And they surely don’t want a candidate who, after five years of running for Governor, still does NOT have a plan to reduce property taxes.

“Bret Schundler welcomes the endorsement of the Schundler Democrats as they cross the party line to vote for a true leader.”

A list of the Schundler Democrats who attended this morning’s meeting follows:

Schundler Democrats

  • Jeffrey Golkin (Chairman Warren Municipal Dem Orgl, County Chairman, Fmr. Councilman, Rutgers Professor)

  • Catherine Macchi (Exec. Dir. of the Office of the Aging, Jersey City, Fmr. Councilwoman)

  • Thomas Franklin (Councilman, Watchung)

  • Robert Christie (Professor, School Board Pres., Green Brook)

  • Alfred Egenhofe (Chairman, Teaneck Municipal Democratic Org., Project FACT)

  • Rafael Fajardo (Member, School Board, City of Elizabeth)

  • Grace Bowen (County Committeewoman, Jersey City)

  • Melissa Holloway (Fmr. Councilwoman, Jersey City)

  • Anthony Martinez (Business Owner, Jersey City)

  • Monica Zaslower (Business Owner, Jersey City)

  • Joseph Savoly (County Committeeman, Warren)

  • Norman Lovas (Project 2000, Community Activist, Warren)

  • Frank Costanza (County Committeeman, Warren)

  • Rev. Marcus Barnes (Holy Dove Christian Fellowship Ministry, Newark)

  • Maryann Golkin (County Committeewoman, Warren)

  • John Shpunder (WWW Civic Group, Watchung)


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