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For Release:
October 26, 2001

Schundler To South Jersey: You’ve Got A Friend
GOP Candidate Kicks Off Final Leg Of Campaign In South Jersey,
McGreevey Talks the Talk, But Won’t Walk the Boardwalk

(WEST ORANGE, OCTOBER 26) - Schundler for Governor campaign manager Bill Pascoe today issued the following statement:

“The Schundler Empowerment Express kicked off the final leg of the campaign today and we purposefully chose to launch in South Jersey. While Jim McGreevey puts himself on a pedestal and claims to be a friend to South Jersey, let’s take a look at which candidate takes the time to go to the region.

“Bret began today’s campaign tour with appearances on two of South Jersey’s most popular morning radio shows - ‘The Don Williams Show’ on WOND, 1400AM and ‘The Bob Green Show’ on WXGM, 90.5FM. Once again, South Jersey heard Bret’s message of proven leadership and tax cuts loud and clear. We had a massive success following the radio shows as the people of South Jersey cheered Bret in huge numbers at a rally this morning in Ocean City. Bret was joined by Cape May County GOP Chairman David Von Savage, Assemblyman Nick Asselta, Assemblyman John Gibson and Congressman Frank LoBiondo.

“Congressman LoBiondo said, ‘I’m happy to be here to support Bret Schundler and I’m proud of the fantastic turnout. This region needs someone with clear vision and outstanding leadership in the Governor’s office. I’m looking forward to doing everything I can to help get out the vote for Bret in South Jersey.’

“Bret’s ideas to help South Jersey are innovative and necessary to help boost the region’s economy. Camden is certainly at the top of the agenda and Bret’s experience in Jersey City will help him accomplish the same success in this overlooked and depressed city. The similarities between Camden and Jersey City are astonishing: waterfront real estate, near a major metropolitan area, separated by a river. Camden’s future success is just a matter of putting the right man in the Governor’s office; Bret Schundler has the record of proven leadership in turning around a depressed city by lowering taxes, lowering crime and creating an environment attractive for jobs, business and families.

“Bret Schundler’s record in Jersey City is just a prelude to what he will accomplish for South Jersey as New Jersey’s next Governor with projects including the completion of Route 55, the building of a speedway in Cumberland County and the increase in tourism for the Atlantic City and Ocean City areas.

“Bret Schundler has the right vision for South Jersey. In this gubernatorial election, he appears to have the only vision. Jim McGreevey is nowhere in sight. In fact, Bret will also be talking to South Jersey tonight on WMGM-TV in an old-fashioned ‘Meet the Press’ type of format special. WMGM originally offered the chance to both candidates to appear in a debate format. Jim McGreevey refused the opportunity as he has done on so many occasions with various invitations from the South Jersey area. In fact, Jim McGreevey refused two minority issues debates in South Jersey. Nationally known author and speaker Stedman Graham offered to moderate a debate in Cape May County. Also, Gloucester County’s Minority Coalition sponsored a debate earlier this month where Bret Schundler talked to the people about South Jersey issues and Jim McGreevey neglected the same people by not showing.”

The WMGM special airs tonight from 7:00pm-7:30pm.

“If South Jersey wants to put a man in the Governor’s office who has ignored the issues and concerns important to their safety, welfare and prosperity and who has not even bothered to take time to meet with people from the region, then South Jersey just met its new best friend -- Jim McGreevey. Well, they didn’t exactly meet him, but you know what we mean.”


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