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For Release:
October 27, 2001

Vets Cheer For Bret
GOP Nominee Receives Warm Welcome From America’s Heroes At LSP,
“We Owe Them A Debt We Can Never Repay. But We Will Try.”

(LIBERTY STATE PARK, OCTOBER 27) - Schundler for Governor campaign manager Bill Pascoe today issued the following statement:

“The Schundler Empowerment Express is rolling towards an Election Day victory. Everywhere we go, supporters are showing huge dedication to Bret Schundler and unwavering confidence that he is the right choice to lead New Jersey in these uncertain times. “Today, we followed up our successful South Jersey bus tour by visiting with veterans at the New Jersey Veterans of Foreign Wars ‘Patriotic Rally’ at Liberty State Park in Jersey City. Bret got a warm reception from the veterans in attendance. Bret appreciates the sacrifices that America’s heroes made so that we can enjoy the freedoms many of us take for granted.

“I’ve worked with Bret Schundler for a long time on this campaign. Never has he been more humbled than he was in front of the veterans as they extended him a warm welcome.”

‘The veterans of New Jersey put themselves in harm’s way to protect our liberty and our way of life. We owe them a debt we can never repay. But we will try. I would be greatly honored and, indeed, humbled to serve New Jersey’s veterans as Governor.’ Schundler said.

“Bret’s vision for New Jersey’s vets includes building a veterans’ hospital in South Jersey, expanding property tax benefits to more than 100,000 veteran homeowners, and supporting passage of ‘A Vet is a Vet’ legislation. Meanwhile, Jim McGreevey has a record of disrespecting these heroes by refusing an invitation to the New Jersey VFW Town Hall Meeting, using zoning tactics in Woodbridge to stall the sale of a VFW home in Iselin and voting against funding to expand the Veterans Memorial Home in Menlo Park.

“Bret Schundler is the candidate who met with the New Jersey VFW in Manville earlier this month for a gubernatorial forum. While Jim McGreevey continually boasts that he is the son of a Marine drill sergeant, he was AWOL for this important forum. In fact, a letter from the NJVFW dated August 15th to the McGreevey campaign emphasized the importance of his attendance, especially after Jim McGreevey verbally agreed to participate. The letter from the VFW State Legislative Director reads as follows:

“’Jim made a verbal commitment at our state convention in June to participate … [T]his most likely will be the only opportunity for the candidates to speak mainly on veterans’ issues to an audience representing the 650,000 state veterans. THE ABSENCE OF ANY CANDIDATE WOULD SEND A LOUD AND CLEAR MESSAGE THROUGHOUT THE VETERANS’ COMMUNITY THAT THEY ARE NOT SINCERE ABOUT THE ISSUES OF CONCERN TO VETERANS.’ [Emphasis added]

“McGreevey made a verbal agreement with the veterans who trusted that his word is his bond. If we can’t trust Jim McGreevey when he says he will show up for a simple gubernatorial forum for New Jersey’s heroes, then how can we trust Jim McGreevey when he says he won’t raise taxes?”

A copy of the NJVFW letter dated August 15th is available upon request.


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Hudson County Facts Winter 2006 by Anthony Olszewski
Hudson County, New Jersey is a place of many firsts - including genocide and slavery.
Political corruption is a tradition here.
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