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2001 Letter of Endorsement from President Bush

Bret Schundler's Milestones
Table of Significant Achievments


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A Special Message from Bret Schundler

"The conservative Schundler has done radical things in Jersey City. He privatized the management of the city's library. He raised more that $1 million in scholarship money to give low-income families greater school choice for their children. But he also cracked down on tax evaders, increased the police force, and lowered the tax rate."
New Jersey Monthly

Wall Street Journal
"Earthquake Hits Jersey City"

Reader's Digest
"This Mayor Beat The System"

The Washington Post
"Jersey City - Rich in Democratic Traditions - Switches to GOP Portfolio

City Journal
"Empowerment, Not Entitlement"

"A Mayor Puts Empowerment to the Test"

The Washington Post
"Pushing 'Empowerment' Politics: N.J. Mayor Has a New Way to Solve Urban Problems"

Parade Magzaine
"No, Our Cities Are Not Lost"

New York Post
"Jersey City Mayor Offers A Role Model For Giuliani"

New Jersey Monthly
"True Bret"

Time Magazine
"50 Leaders For The Future"

The Tribune-Review
"Two GOP-Led Cities Bouncing Back"

The Washington Times
"Jersey City on the Way Back"

The Wall Street Journal
"Convictions Win"

The Jersey Journal
"Class of 2001"

The Economist
"Radicals At Work"

Policy Articles
The Bond Buyer
"Securitization Of Tax Liens Jolts New Life Into Sagging City"

Investment Dealer's Digest
"Jersey City collects taxes via asset-backed structure"

The Home News
"Jersey City tries new anti-drug strategy"

City of Jersey City Press Release
"Project EXILE Comes to New Jersey"

The Star Ledger
"Citizens Group Rallies To End Parkway Tolls"

"The Case Of The Purloined Library"

Republican Commentary
New York Times
"National G.O.P. Pushing Mayor As Its New Hope"

RNC Mailing
"Introducing Our Starting Line-Up"

Rising Tide
"RNC Magazine Profile"

The Sacramento Bee
"Jersey City Is Model For GOP Agenda"

The Jersey Journal
"Steve Forbes To Be Mayor's Campaign Chairman In Gubernatorial Run"

The Star-Ledger
"Schundler Enters Race For Governor"

More Articles About Bret Schundler
Conservative Commentary
William F. Buckley, Jr.
"For President in 2008, Look to Bret Schundler"

Jeffrey Hart Column
"In Search of Next President, GOP Could Look To Jersey City"

Dartmouth Review
"Bret Schundler For President"

George Will
"A Most Unlikely Mayor Guides Jersey City"

The Limbaugh Letter
"My Conversation With Bret Schundler"

The Washington Times
"Rising New Star On The Right Horizon"

Wall Street Journal
"NEA's Public Enemy #1"

The New York Post
"Too Hot for Jersey's GOP"

Religious Commentary
National Catholic Register
"A City's Top Politician Doubles As Its Spiritual Leader"

The Plain Truth
"Lighting The City"

The Catholic World Report
"Breaking The Logjam"

The Church Herald
"Can A Christian Make A Difference In A Corrupt World?"

The Beacon
"Jersey City Mayor Says Faith Is Crucial"

Tony Snow
"Court Oversteps Its Bounds In Jersey City"

The Catholic Advocate
"Creche Back In Jersey City"

Catholic New York
"Becket Medal -- Jersey City Mayor Honored For Stand Against ACLU "

The Catholic Advocate
"'Baby Jane Doe' Is Buried With Prayers"

Jersey City's Flourishing Art Scene
Sunday Star Ledger
"Hizzoner On The Hudson"

The Jersey Journal
"Homecoming Weekend of Wonder, Fun"


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Political corruption is a tradition here.
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Jersey City, for many, their American history and genealogy started here.
New Jersey's First City
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