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Bret Schundler Media Archives

Bret Schundler's Milestones
1959 Born in Morristown, New Jersey -- the son and grandson of immigrants
1976Star Ledger All-State Football Lineman
1977Graduates Westfield High School
1980Lives in Israel on a kibbutz and then studies for a semester at the Univesity of Haifa
1981 Graduates with honors from Harvard University
1982 Works for Conservative Democrat, Congressman Roy Dyson
Representative Dyson voted for President Reagan's tax cuts and budget.
1984Serves as New Jersey field coordinator in Gary Hartís campaign to reform the Democrat Party
1984 Institutional Sales at Salomon Brothers
1985Starts voting Republican
1987 Institutional Sales at C.J. Lawrence
1991 Runs as a Republican for New Jersey state Senate
Bret Schundler gets 46% of the vote on his first try for public office.
1992 Becomes first Republican Mayor of Jersey City since 1917 by winning a special election
1993 Creates first-ever securitization of tax liens, through expertise learned on Wall Street
This innovation helps Jersey City avoid an impending financial calamity and is heralded by Investment Dealer's Digest as one of Municipal Finance's "Deals of the Year." Jersey City's tax collection rate improves from 78% to 100%.
1993 Re-elected with nearly 70 percent of the vote in the general election
Bret Schundler prevailed despite an all-out effort of the Hudson County Democrat political machine bosses to win back their "turf."
1993 Replaces Police officers performing clerical tasks with civilian employees
The Police officers removed from these jobs are re-assigned to street patrol -- fighting crime instead of typing.
1994 Founds the Jersey City Scholarship Fund
Bret Schundler raises over $1,000,000 enabling low income children to attend local private schools.
1995 Institutes Medical Savings (Insurance) Accounts
Jersey City becomes the first governmental entity to implement this concept. The tax payers save money and City workers get health coverage delivered more efficiently.
1995 Leads the fight to break up the County garbage disposal monopoly
With competition back in place, the taxpayer is the winner
1996 Leads drive to pass Charter School legislation
1996 Privatizes the management of the Cityís water utility
Without a single job being lost, the United water public-private partnership saves Jersey City taxpayers millions per year while improving service.
1996 Rutgers University study declares Jersey City the job creation engine of the state.
Among the stateís 6 largest cities, only Jersey City is continuing to grow.
1996 Receives the prestigious Canterbury Award from the Beckett Fund for Religious Liberty
1997 Establishes the Golden Door Charter School
1997 Becomes the first Jersey City mayor in nearly thirty years to be re-elected to a second full term
Mayor Schundler wins another landslide victory against a candidate backed by the support of the Hudson County political bosses.
1999 Dramatically improves services by privatizing the management of Jersey City's Library
The automation of Library operations becomes a reality.
1999 Wins freedom of Religious expression court battle against the ACLU
Thanks to Mayor Bret Schundler, the residents of Jersey City again have the freedom to celebrate publicly their cultural heritage
1999 Esperian National Real Estate Survey records Jersey City as having the third fastest appreciating real estate values in America.
2000 Slashes crime by nearly forty percent -- a much better improvement than the rest of the state
With the mutual responsibility and respect made possible by Mayor Schundlerís policy of Community Policing, Jersey City residents can again enjoy calm and caring neighborhoods.


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Hudson County, New Jersey is a place of many firsts - including genocide and slavery.
Political corruption is a tradition here.
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Jersey City, for many, their American history and genealogy started here.
New Jersey's First City
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