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Bret Schundler Media Archives

More Articles About Bret Schundler

"It occurred to me now that this Route 1 journey was not, as I had foreseen, an exercise in nostalgia, down a road whose time had come and gone. Everywhere I went there were signs of renewal, rebirth, signs of America reinventing itself."
From, Blue Fairways

The Star Ledger
"Schundler Takes Oath As Jersey City Mayor, Heralds 'New Beginnings'"

You Won, Now What
"A Businessman's Metamorphosis"

Worth magazine article
"The Fresh Prince of Jersey City"

The North Jersey Herald & News
"Meet The New Kid On The Fast Track"

The Rockford Register Star
"Bret Schundler: Former Dem Has The Right Stuff"

The Washington Post
"The GOP In City Hall"

Campaigns & Elections
"The 20 Most Popular Elected Officials in America"

The New York Times
"A Day In The Very Public Life of Jersey City's Chief Executive"

The New York Times, November 5, 1992
"Schundler, Jersey City's Mayor-Elect, Gets Ready to Battle Anew"

Investor's Business Daily, June 8, 1993
"A Leader's Success"

The Star Ledger
"Schundler Finds Vindication In Jersey City Win

New Jersey Times
"Schundler Ends 75 Years of 'Hague-ism' In Jersey City

New Jersey Times
"The Schundler Solution"

Wall Street Journal
"Race With a Difference"

Los Angeles Times
"Republican Is Their Shepherd In Jersey City"

"Schundler Advances the Right Ideals"
Jack Anderson Column, Wednesday, October 20, 1993
"Rebirth of Jersey City A Sign of Hope"

The Economist, November 6, 1993
"Radicals At Work"

Bergen Record, Monday, April 17, 1995
"A Republican Grows In Jersey City"

Newsweek, July 5, 1993
"Cities, Heal Thyselves"

"Jersey City Mayor Hosts Blue-Collar Gala For Party's Plain Folk"

The Jersey Journal
"Schundler looks to gather support at GOP Convention"

The Courier-Post
"Republican gubernatorial candidate Bret Schundler vows to sweep Trenton clean of insiders and lobbyists in a moral crusade to help families and improve schools."

The Jersey Journal
"Mayor On Bus Tour For Governor Race"

City & State
"Jersey City's Schundler In For The Long Haul"

Bergen Record, Friday, August 20, 1993
"Jersey City's GOP Mayor Guarantees Whitman Win"

Bergen Record, Tuesday, November 2, 1993
"Kingmaker On Line"

Bergen Record, Thursday, November 12, 1992
"An Elephant Steps In"

Rush Limbaugh Newsletter, October 2001
"My Conversation with Bret Schundler – 2001"

Policy Articles
The Capital Report
"Schundler Works To Stop Costly School Construction Program"

The Star-Ledger
"Primarily, The GOP Should Debate Schools"

The Star-Ledger
"Republicans Taken To School"

Business & Health
"Will Congress Put MSAs On Life Support?"

Commerce Magazine
"Improving Education Through Choice"

USA Today
"Improve Education With Choice, Not Spending"
City of Jersey City
"Mayor Bret Schundler Starts Legal Defense Fund for Elian Gonzalez, The Cuban Boy Rescued Off of the Florida Coast"

"Battle Cry of 'No Tolls' Sounds On Parkway"

The Star-Ledger
"Gubernatorial Hopefuls Give Parkway Tolls Another Look"

Carnegie Institute
"Mayor Bret Schundler's Remarks"

Carnegie Institute
"Question and Answer Session with Mayor Schundler"

"New Breed of Mayors Invigorates City Life"

Republican Commentary
Clifford D. May
"A Conversation With Bret Schundler, Urban Renewer"

The Jersey Journal, August 3, 2000
"Grand Old Hudson Party At The Convention"

Religious Commentary
Religion Today
"Christian Mayor Transforms City"

Philadelphia Inquirer
"Mayor of Jersey City Fights To Keep Alive The Symbols of The Holidays"

US News & World Report
"Playing Reindeer Games"

The New York Post, Thursday, December 25, 1997
"Faith Prevails Today Despite ACLU Scrooges"

Bergen Record, Thursday, December 9, 1999
"City Hall Blends Holidays In Melting Pot Of Symbols"

Regent University Web Site, November 20, 1999
"Renowned Mayor to Speak at Regent University"

World Magazine
A new Jersey

TriState Voice
Schundler: Liberty and Justice for all


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